Now accepting participants for our 4th Annual Doggie Fat Camp

Beginning July 26, 2014, AnWell's Canine Fat Camp is in session! This is an 8-week, intensive weight-loss program designed for clinically obese dogs that are facing a serious health risk, and in some cases, a shorter life span due to their weight.

Madison before Canine Fat Camp at AnWell Veterinary Rehab Madison after Canine Fat Camp at AnWell Veterinary Rehab  
Madison Bomboy before
Canine Fat Camp
Madison Bomboy after
Canine Fat Camp

What is Canine Fat Camp?

AnWell's Canine Fat Camp is a diet and exercise program tailored to your dog's individual weight loss needs. We work with our patients to structure a home diet and exercise plan that allows you to change the lifestyle of your overweight pet. Your dog will increase conditioning, increase metabolism, burn fat, and build muscle by walking and swimming in our hydrotherapy pool. Utilizing this state-of-the-art equipment will give you the foundation to grow your comprehensive home exercise program incorporating strength and endurance exercises.

AnWell's Canine Fat Camp Guidelines

This program is for...

  • Clinically obese dogs with no other direct health concerns (such as cardiac, respiratory, joint problems, etc.). Veterinary clearance is required to participate.
  • Clients with a serious commitment to assisting their pets in a weight loss program. There is both a time and financial commitment required.

This weight management program includes...

  • Cardio workout in the underwater treadmill
  • Hydrotherapy swim in our treadmill tank
  • Strengthening and conditioning exercises
  • Personalized diet plan
  • Weekly weigh-ins, exercise reviews, and advancement
  • Assertive materials, lean treats, and a supportive group setting to discuss progress and goals

Why Canine Fat Camp?

We all know that humans face serious health risks with obesity, however, we can choose to eat what we want and exercise when we want — our pets can't. Our pets ask for treats, not health risks. Why not treat our pets to something they deserve — a healthy lifestyle! AnWell's Canine Fat Camp will help get your pet on the right path to a long and healthy life.

Start your pet's journey to a healthier lifestyle and longer life here! Call early to register as space is limited. Questions? Feel free to call (610) 346-7854 or email us for further details.