Charlie the Canine at Doggie Fat Camp
  Thanks to Doggie Fat Camp, Charlie is managing his weight through exercise.

FOX 29 Philadelphia recently aired "Fat Camp Helps Dogs Shed Pounds and Stay Healthy," featuring Brenda of Bethlehem, PA.

Last year, Brenda lost her Golden Retriever, Casey, due to complications from being obese. She enrolled Casey in our Doggie Fat Camp and Casey lost ten pounds — but it was too late to save her life. So when Brenda realized her Newfoundland Charlie was starting to gain weight, she signed him up for the camp.

Charlie's workouts are rigorous, including balance training and strengthening core muscles. He doesn't always love it (just like humans), but Brenda has peace of mind that Charlie is staying at a healthy weight, thanks to our Doggie Fat Camp.

  Dog Tucker trys some weight reduction exercises with CVT Matt Putchat.
CBS Pittsburgh (KDKA-TV) recently did a feature on canine obesity called "Most Dogs Are Overweight, So What's a Pet Owner To Do?"

Veteran reporter Jon Delano has an overweight 10-year-old female Sheltie named Tucker. KDKA and Delano decided to take Tucker on a road trip to AnWell Veterinary Rehab to interview Dr. Gus Schwabe on pet obesity. While there, Tucker got to demo a few reps using our doggie fat camp equipment with Rehab Specialist Matt Putchat, CVT. Matt also shared some easy at-home exercises for dogs.

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